Transpat Pro Translation and Creative Content Services

Content Services, by definition, include creating and developing any sort of content, such as a website, brochure, newsletter, ad, radios pot, product manual, etc. Creating comprises copywriting, proofreading, editing, transcription, Desktop Publishing, as well as Graphic and Web Design.

General Translation:

This kind of translation is catered for individuals and companies coming from the public or private sector, and having texts of general interest with no technicalities or special vocabulary.It is carried out by native speakers of the target language or professional experienced translators well versed in the subjects they handle.


Sworn translation and legalization::

When presenting your documents to a public authority or when travelling abroad, and when a high-quality translation is not enough, sworn translation seal and sometimes legal validation (legalization) are compulsory to attest that the translation is true and accurate and has a legal effect before embassies and ministries in several countries.

Technical translation:

This section is diversified depending on the work nature of the company such as legal, medical, engineering, economic, human resources, marketing, IT, telecommunications as well as several specialized disciplines. Our specialized translation service covers several types of technical documents such as TV manuals, operating instructions, norms, guidelines and financial reports, dictionaries…



Are you willing to grab the attention of your audience with a persuasive catchy content that can contribute to the success of your company? Our professional copywriters have the language smarts to let you conduct an effective online and offline marketing, the first through Website Content writing or Search Engine Optimization which aims to achieve higher rankings in Search Engines. The second is through creatively coming up with slogans, and writing headlines, press releases, newsletters, radio spots, etc.


We fully realize how important it is for you to reveal the best image of yourself and ensure credibility in all your documents, by submitting a coherent, sound and flawless work. No matter what type of document you have in your hands, be it a book, a thesis, newspaper article, brochure, or even email, our top-notch proofreaders, with expertise in detecting the subtle differences in vocabulary, grammar, common mistakes and sentence structure,  tidy them up so as to provide you with a copy that looks, sounds and feels correct. In addition, and at your request, we offer to highlight or track changes we bring to your work and give justifications for such changes.

 Please note that prices vary depending on the document’s level of difficulty, type, number of mistakes, etc.
For more information about our proofreading services, or for getting a free quote for a proofreading project, please contact our Translation Department.



Our editors follow the process of reviewing and amending the whole of a document: from correction, rewriting, condensation or “gisting”, to organization, with an aim to produce an accurate, well-structured, logical and flowing piece of work.  In two words, perfection guaranteed!

Desktop Publishing (Graphic Design):

Along with our language services, we provide our clients with superior tailor-made graphic design layouts and ideas for publishing their magazines, newspapers, books, articles, newsletters, brochures, advertisements, logos, letter heads, business cards, etc.



If you have an audio file such as an interview, a speech, or other audio recording, and need to convert it into the file format that suits you best, our proficient transcription team will be pleased to handle your request with great professionalism.


it’s all about simultaneous and consecutive translation for conferences, legal and high-level meetings as well as business interviews.

Web Design and Development:

You are building your website and you need a hand in its design or the development of its applications? Whether handling a simple html website design, an e-commerce site design, a flash website, a community or entertainment web design, we communicate with our clients with a high level of proficiency to deliver maximum value and a quality website on time.


Many businesses still use handwritten documents, and simply want to produce an electronic copy of their book, thesis, or article with a double-check service. To get a typing quotation, please feel free to contact us via email or by phone..